Our hallmark is the artisan manufacture of chocolate and each of the components that make up our menu of specialties.

Our Chocolates



Chocolates always fresh. Own production from start to finish, with top quality ingredients without additives or preservatives, with a high content of solid cocoa of different origins and nuts.


Always true to our formulas – family recipes and our artisan “know-how”.

Our specialties

Fabrication process

For our elaborations we start from the manufacture of several types of chocolates with different percentages, as well as toppings and pralines, 100% made with nuts.


We make the chocolates with a mixing process, 3 phases of refining and subsequent conching of 72 hours, to obtain the chocolate so characteristic of Martinez, which will be part of its extensive specialty menu. We continue with the elaboration of pralines, guirlaches, gianduias, caramelized, laminated, truffle flakes, all being the basis in the daily elaborations of our workshops.


Continuous improvement in management, organization and production processes, with protocols in operational procedures, guaranteeing quality and food safety.


With our own quality department, we take care to study the useful life of all our products, perform quality controls on suppliers, raw materials, study and creation of new products, services and trends.

Featured Products

Since 1931 preparing the best Truffles. Chocolates, cubanitos, chocolates and much more…