Since 1931 preparing the best Truffles.
Chocolates, cubanitos, chocolates and much more...

Our history

We must go back to 1931 to find the origin of Chocolates “Hilario Martinez”, at which time the marriage formed by Hilario and Antonia, decide to open a small chocolate shop on Ruzafa street in Valencia. They could not even suspect that, over time, it would become one of the most traditional and emblematic establishments in Valencia.


In the first years they elaborated the most basic products of cocoa; chocolate in tablets, bars and chocolate powder, until in 1948 they decide to give an impulse to their business, reforming the store, giving it the recognizable aspect that is still preserved today; using marble, brass, wood and decorating it with its classic and traditional wooden altarpiece, fully carved that is part of the images – icon of Truffles Martinez, representing two men driving a “metate”, crushing the cocoa beans.


With renewed machinery and the creation of their own brand represented by the logo of an elephant, they began to craft their new formulations in chocolate and pralines, thus creating their first chocolates, the renowned Cubanitos Martínez (also called Cubanitos de Valencia).


In the mid-50s, fruit of the concern they both felt to create new products, they invented their own truffles, known as Classic and Covered, without suspecting that they would become the emblem of the house, thus forming the solid base and the recognition to Chocolates Hilario Martínez, symbol of quality and a different “know-how” in the chocolate sector, becoming more known throughout Spain by the name of TRUFAS MARTÍNEZ de Valencia, hence our current name.


Truffles Martinez today.

In the year 1991, generational relief was carried out by Mª Teresa Ricart Martínez, one of the granddaughters of Hilario and Antonia, deciding to continue the activity, with the same dedication and devotion, always faithful to the “know-how” in the craftsmanship, creating new formulas, processes and products, improving day by day in everything related to business activity.


In 2003, a second shop/workshop was inaugurated in Valencia, in Calle San Ignacio de Loyola nº 20, giving a new boost to Trufas Martínez, modernized processes and incorporated chocolate creations, each day more innovative and always at the forefront of the new trends.


With our online store, our chocolates reach everywhere, to make all lovers of our exclusive chocolate products happy.

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Since 1931 preparing the best Truffles. Chocolates, cubanitos, chocolates and much more…